Remember the: Lord’s 115th Dream - Teddybears on Sony Epic RecordsRemember the: Lord’s 115th Dream – Teddybears on Sony Epic Records

Like the heavens radiate beautiful things and diamonds sparkle to herald the return of the king.So let the rainbow sing. In January 2018 he was the subject of an Article in the Polish News Paper the Kurier. Plus was featured, interviewed, performed live, received airplay of the Single; Love Aint A Guarantee on Pelnia Bluesa-Radio Centrum Lublin 98.2 FM. Also in addition the Akademia and Music Industry News Network (Mi2N) have issued a press release announcing the winners and finalists of the January 2016 Akademia Music Awards. Mi2N is the largest online daily newswire reaching millions in the music industry worldwide. Since 1998, Mi2N has kept professionals informed on the latest developments shaping every facet of the industry, including up-&-coming artists. To view the press release, please visit:

Chicago has a new king with new sounds as well! The Rainbow Rock music of the Lord of Lightning is a delicate mixture of Rock, Funk and R&B. A very special blend that is one of a kind. The Electro Dynamic Linear Space Music leans more towards the futuristic trends of evolutionary origin, thus creating a new dimensional phase of sound. Based on the levels of simplicity and primitiveness opening a vast spectrum of a musical expression of Rock Music with a different flavor.

In the days of magic, myth, legends and mystery the universal sound of the Lord of Lightning is here to stay. After traveling to Hollywood, Europe and Africa the word spread like wildfire. Appearing in many films, TV and acting in cameos such as: Hoodlum by United Artists he worked with Lawrence Fishbourne, Queen Latifah and Vanessa Williams. Plus the Early Edition TV series by CBS and October Holdings Productions. Also he has worked with Usher. George Clinton asked him to join and perform on tour.

Recordings: Singles-I Want To Show You/Shandu Records (U.S.A.) Albums-House of Orange/Sound Service Records (Switzerland).Also honored on the Black Music Special -Radio DRS-3 in Basel Switzerland.The international Rock magazine Kerrang has dubbed him as one of the best guitarists. In 2004 he was featured on the Certified Gold Record “Fresh” by the Teddybears Sthlm on Sony Epic Records in Sweden. The Lord of Lightning received a Grammis Nomination for that project.

He is a big plus for Social Media Sites and the Music Industry. The Dance-Rock, Funky sound with Blues on the top and African Grooves on the bottom. It fuses Old & New School whereas the New becomes the tool and the Old become the jewel. How cool! The word is he’s beyond Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Prince to name a few and many others of this time. He’s one of the greatest guitarists of the New Age. Purely original. It is the eighth Crusade and starting a new adage. His sound is so cosmical it could change the age. He should be in Billboard and on every A&R Directors submissions list.

He has a new unreleased album with Hits, Hits, Hits and thats it. As an Artist with the outfits in style of Vouge he is not just a another Guitar Player. He is a Super-Fashion.

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